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Live at Bickett Gallery April 29, 2004 (Recorded by Michael Erwin)

  1. Curdled Bufotenine   11:14 (ogg 12M  mp3 12M)
  2. Sedna In Retrograde   6:43 (ogg 6.7M  mp3 7.5M)
  3. Beware of Falling Asteroids   12:59 (ogg 13M  mp3 14M)

Live at Bickett Gallery, July 19, 2004 (Recorded by Michael Erwin)

  1. Flux To Flux, Ore To Ore   12:53 (mp3 11M )
  2. Dynamic Microcode Conjuring Apparatus   12:37 (mp3 11M )

See also the rehearsal sessions

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